U.S. seen as ‘exporter of white supremacist ideology,’ says counterterrorism official

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I’ve lived in Georgia most of my life and never encountered a white supremacist. The racism isn’t as bad as social media makes it out. Everyone needs to take a breath and complain about how Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.


I love constantly being reminded of how supreme I am.


Absolutely, dude. You guys still have people proudly waving the confederate flag.


Just keep telling them whites they’re stupid and everyone hates them and they’re responsible for all the evil in the world. That’ll get them to calm down.


No shit. One of their ambassadors even went to Germany and said he wanted to help spread far-right parties throughout Europe … a continent that saw cataclysmic destruction due to a very violent war started by far-right regimes in the 20th century.