Vladimir Putin Began ‘Targeting’ Donald Trump When He Was A Businessman, Russia Expert Fiona Hill Testifies

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“hmmm…this total moron is rich and has a bunch of power in the US…bet he could be easily manipulated!” Sounds about right tbh


A clever, manipulative man like Putin would have see what a pathetic fool Trump is – accidentally rich and powerful but with no actual critical thinking skills, unloyal and gullible as fuck- then proceeded to play him like a Balalaika.


“Hill’s assertion that Trump has long been a target for Russian manipulation has been previously alleged by several journalists, including investigative reporter Craig Unger, in his 2018 book, *House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia*.” Looks like Trump has been a Russian puppet for sometime now.


The actual shocking dramatic revelation quote makes it less like Trump was a specific target, but a scattershot approach that **any** American businessman was under the spotlight of Putin, even Democrats. Trump’s only connection to this, in Hills opinion, is that he was a businessman like any other random American businessman. “Targeted” in this context is like receiving a spam email and claiming you were personally specially individually “targeted” by the spammer. — DR. HILL: … it’s what Putin did in the 1970s,when he joined the KGB in Leningrad and St. Petersburg. They went after **American businessmen** and set up sting operations. He’s been targeting the **business community**. I firmly believe he was also targeting President Trump, and he was targeting **all of the other campaigns as well.** And I think that that was the mistake when the 2016 investigations were launched, not to take it from the point of view what Russia was doing to target Americans, **no matter who they were** in the system. MR. RASKIN: Why do you believe that Putin was targeting Donald Trump from his days as a businessman? DR. HILL: Because [Putin] … what they did exclusively was targeting businessmen.


So Trump is a Russian asset. Just like we’ve been saying all along.