What was the furthest you’ve gone, just to prove your point?

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Years ago I told my wife I wanted to create a home media room in the basement with a really big TV and premium sound system, etc, the whole works. Problem was the basement was undeveloped. She said sure, you can have that – but you have to develop the basement yourself. She knew full well I had exactly zero knowledge of anything to do with that, and was therefore smugly assuming I would give up on the idea. I did not. Instead, I spent the next 18 months of my life down in that basement every day after work and all weekend long. Framed it, wired it, ran the plumbing, hung the drywall (okay I did hire out the mudding and taping), put down the Lino and the carpet, installed the cabinets, all the plumbing, all the painting, you name it. And I took my time and did it right, so that when it was done it was close to the same quality as if I had had it professionally developed. The home theatre — which I bought and had set up by a high end retailer — was *awesome*. Naturally, we moved a year later.


I struggled to get something I needed from another coworker (CAD design drawings) and it was taking months. I told him that I could go to night school and learn AutoCAD and do it myself in the time it would take him to get the drawings back to me. He said whatever. So I went to night class, learned AutoCAD, produced my own drawings, and cut him out of the equation. A few months later he was fired, I guess other employees were having the same difficulty.


Got married, had kids. I’m not gay, dad.


This is a story of one of my friends , not mine. It had been a good five years since everyone started having smartphones instead of the old ones with the buttons . Two friends of mine were having a heated conversation , one of them owned a smartphone and the other one insisted on keeping his old , traditional cell phone. The smartphone guy was listing all those things that smartphones provided and we now take for granted while the other guy pretty much repeated “I only need it for phone calls and texts and it’s much more durable” . This went on for a good couple of hours and when the second guy mentioned durability for the millionth time , the smartphone guy , red faced, grabbed his Sony xperia Play (the playstation phone) and threw it out of the open window yelling “I’m tired of your bullshit, I bet it won’t have a scratch”. We all stood in silence for a full minute and then we finally decided to go out and see what was left of the smartphone (The apartment was on the third floor). Miraculously, the smartphone wasn’t even scratched, indeed, but as you can probably guess, when he pressed the power button , it just never booted.


I threw a bottle into the recycling. Dickhead co-worker said that particular bottle was trash and not recyclable. I was rippin’ pissed and was gonna prove his dumbass wrong. Contacted the manufacturer of the bottle who confirmed it was recyclable. Then looked up th plastic code on my recyclings county’s website to confirm it was recyclable in our area. Printed both out stapled together and hung it on the wall next to the recycling can. Get fucked Phillip.