What’s a huge red flag when meeting new people?

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A guy at work always tells new people how much he hates being married. Apparently loves his wife but hates being married. Then goes on to say she doesn’t let him drink because he “becomes a nightmare to be with” – pretty sure he drank in excess on a regular basis – and that she will divorce him if she catches him. The dude still drinks and drives home to his wife. He keeps a toothbrush and toothpaste in a bag that he hides in a bush near his house so that she can’t smell alcohol on his breath. Found out all of this after speaking with him for 5 minutes. Apparently it’s the same story with everyone.


They immediately talk shit about a stranger.


They are proud calling themselves jerks, two-faced and other very questionable “qualities”


I once met a girl who told me she’d stabbed her ex partner and didn’t believe in human rights; all within about 5 mins


You barely know them but suddenly you are their best friend. Everyone else is just AWFUL. You are so special and awesome. Especially at listening to their (many) problems. Because you are so empathetic and smart and insightful….Dont run. Sprint.