What’s your cats favorite hobby?

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He lies on his back in the bathtub (with all 4 paws sticking straight up), catching drips from the spout with his outstretched tongue. This amuses him for hours at a time, even though his bowl is full of fresh water.




I have these flinger toys you pull back and shoot at the wall. She loves running up her cat tree to catch them. I’ll wake up to 3 beside my bed, like she was patiently waiting for playtime.


Sitting like a loaf of bread


My cat enjoys jumping on our guestroom airbed while someone is using said airbed and scratching the shit out of everything so it pops like a fucking asshole He always smells like Tide We use Kirkland detergent in this house Is this guy leaving the house when we’re gone and rolling around in neighbor’s laundry? We’ll never know.