WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton still thinks you should delete Facebook

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> “If you want to be on Facebook and you want to have ads thrust in front of you, go to town,” Or Instagram, or Twitter, or YouTube, or your local news website (and print edition), or…. I’m all for deleting Facebook- I did it 3 years ago- but if ads are your reason, then you pretty much need to stop using the internet.


Don’t forget to lawyer up and hit the gym as well.


Sold his soul to the ‘Devil’, made his money, now he is taking the high road!


Deleting Facebook does not mean they will stop tracking you, sooo…. What I find interesting is that people like to shit on Facebook when Google has way more info about you and the internet as a whole. I suppose people are rightfully angry that their information was leaked from Facebook, but our Android phones do the same shit for app developers. Apps on Android aren’t as locked down as iOS so you have stuff running in the background that collects data you don’t know about, *and* drains your battery.


I wish I could but idk how else I would keep in touch with my family from around the world. There really isn’t any other way. Other methods like Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook owns them both.