CNN Anchor mocks Jeff Sessions for “groveling” after Trump called him a “dumb Southerner”: “Where are your balls, Sir?’

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To my fellow Americans from the South, this is what your Trump God really thinks of all of you: “Dumb Southerners.” He laughs at your blind, never-ending support. Please wake up.


Dems should take out a 30 second ad where 25 seconds are Trump saying awful shit about him and then 5 seconds him calling Trump a genius.


> “When I left President Trump’s Cabinet, did I write a tell-all book? No!” he said as he announced his bid for a seat in the Alabama Senate. “Did I go on CNN and attack the president? Nope! Have I said a cross word about our president? Not one time.” So his value proposition is that he grabbed his ankles? ROTFL!


I’m not trying to be funny but it seems republicans love being dominated by a stronger man. Is this true?


Where are your balls, sir? In his throat, that ain’t an Adam’s apple.