Just got let go. No savings, two young toddlers and a house. Feeling pretty scared right now.

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First thing I would do, if you have debt, call ALL your creditors (wife’s creditors too) and ask them if you can skip a payment without penalty. Tell them you are broke and considering bankruptcy. I did this and ALL me credit card companies at the time agreed to put me on an internal program (not reported to credit bureaus) for one year, 4% to 5% interest rate. It was a life saver for me, mentally. I was a single dad, with a 6 month old, and no other family.


I’m really sorry this has happened to you. If you need help writing a new resume or updating your current one, I would be happy to help (professional writer/editor) at no charge, of course. Just hit me up in my DMs. This is a plot twist, not a setback. You’ve got this, OP.


Sorry to hear that. First have a pull up with the family and explain things are going to get real tight for a few month and possibly a major lifestyle change so this doesn’t happen again. Then enjoy the three day weekend. Tuesday restart your life: – call all creditors and ask for a forbearance period of 60 days. – file for unemployment immediately. – cut cable and every non essential entertainment service or downgrade to the bare bones plan – set your car up for uber / Lyft for nights weekends – get your resume updated and professionally reviewed – turn your 8-5 into job hunting for next 60 days. – beans and rice for food – sell everything that isn’t tied down. Get some confidence and get back out there you got this


If you’re eligible, file unemployment NOW. Make sure you thoroughly read over all of the requirements and give them exactly what they ask for to minimize processing time. Depending on what you make and where you are you can get a decent amount for the time being. I was receiving $450 a week in CA for the two months I was unemployed in 2016. Took 2 weeks to receive and they back paid from my unemployment date. If you can get the ball rolling on that you’ll have much better peace of mind while you figure the rest out <3


So not helpful for op, but if you are reading this pay attention to what he said. If you have a well paying job and are still paycheck to paycheck you are living beyond your means. Your house is too expensive, your car, your lifestyle. If you have a good paying job make sure you put money away monthly so you aren’t in the same position as op of you lose your job.