Not believing in an afterlife motivates me to be a better person

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It’s not terrifying. On Feb 4 2014 I died of a heart attack for a short time. It’s literally nothing. One moment you’re here picking your nose thinking,” did Bob mean that about me or was he really just kidding?” The next you’re unconscious. Only this time you just never regain consciencness. That’s it. It’s only scary because you’re aware and conscious now. Dying painfully is scary but death ,especially if quick, is nothing. That said it also just happened to me without warning. Knowing it’s coming would be scary because we’re attached to life. But I wasn’t breathing, no pulse /heartbeat, was just black. Don’t take things too seriously , don’t waste energy being angry too much. Really try to enjoy the moment and do the things you really love if you can. I’m 59. I want to have my own country music band. God damn me if I don’t. Cheers


Life is a lot more special when its the only one you got, i always looked at religions and thought what was the point in life? Just waiting around to die so you can live forever? Theres a quote from Bob Marley that i like to keep in mind “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”


Physicists will tell you no information is ever lost in the universe. Your good deeds will be encrypted out there somewhere after you die.


I don’t know why//how it couldn’t. Also knowing I’m insignificant as a grain of sand in every conceivable way makes everything about my life I can’t control feel comfortable and safe.


Whatever makes you a better person is what you must do. The world needs more good people.