There’s a moment during the cremation process when the meat is perfectly cooked.

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Is there? If you cook it too hot you’ll have a burned outside and a raw inside and I’m pretty sure cremation ovens are hella hot


You have to slow cook an entire body at 200F and baste it frequently to get it perfectly cooked, alternatively you could sous vide it in a body bag for 18-36 hour and use the crematorium to get a good sear on it.


My mom was just cremated in August. Was totally shocked to learn her ashes didn’t just come out of the crematorium like that. They actually put the bones in a blender type machine. Wish I’d never googled that.


“Where’d you get the human meat from, Frank?” “I got a guy.” “You got a human meat guy?” “I got a guy for everything.”


This right here is cursed cooked to perfection. Take my upvote.