Why are Christians so nasty to people? Even their own.

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Many reasons, but basically, it’s a way to keep people from getting away. Makes leaving undesirable and prevents people form being exposed to “outsider ideas”. So, was the baby tasty? For some reason, babies aren’t that good around here, the one I ate this morning was to stringy, guess the devil won’t dance in my dining room tonight.


So I see you’re unfamiliar with the catty insecure bullshit of small town thumpers. My condolences.


It’s a cult. They worship imaginary beings. Don’t expect them to act like adults.


Hm, religion is a messy combination of a lot of different relics of ancient human psychology, tribalism being one of them. I’m sorry that happened.


They are authoritarians. Whether its an Evangelical Republican or an atheist Libertarian, they have the same view. The people at the top of the hierarchy can do whatever they want. And you at the bottom better do what you’re told and bow your head. God aka the invisible hand of the free market has proclaimed it so.