Woman’s arms found in backpack of Russian professor

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That’s….going to be hard to explain.


…Professor at the private French far-right university owned by… Marion Marechal-Le Pen! You don’t say…


Holy shit that article was a wild ride!


This is obviously horrible. That’s the main thing here, I think. But after getting that out of the way, I can’t help but comment on how the guy was drunk. Like, if you ever commit a serious crime and are horrified at what you’ve done, one of the dumbest things to do is to get drunk. And then you definitely don’t get drunk before trying to cover the crime up. Though I guess it’s good that he did, since he got caught.


><insert le dark *humor* here> Am I fitting in yet? A 24 year old woman was murdered and chopped into pieces and all people can do around here is crack pathetic jokes. Fucking disgusting. People are completely desensitized.