Democrat Beto O’Rourke turns his attention to flipping the Texas House

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Godspeed Beto. I am so glad he is continuing to fight. Make Texas Purple


Beto, my man!!! That’s what I’m talking about!! Come help flip Texas blue please!!!


This is perhaps the most important state to win at least part of the state legislature in. It’s a badly gerrymandered state, and we need it fixed. In 2018, Democrats only lost the US House vote by 3.4 points, 50.4% to 47%, which was a 16.7 point swing from 2016. For all of that, they only gained **TWO** additional seats, with the GOP still holding a 23 to 13 seat advantage. In the same election, the Texas House saw Democrats improve by *20 points* over their 2016 result, 52.5% to 46.5%, flipping 12 seats in the process. The current total is 83 to 67, so we need 9 more flips to take it, and there is a path. The GOP won 3 seats by less than 1% and another 5 seats by less than 5%. That’s 8 there, we’d just need one more somewhere. It can be done, so I’m glad to see Beto trying to help flip this.


This is all I wanted. Beto doesn’t need to be in the White House. We need him here in Texas. I just hope he strays from his mandatory gun buyback ideas because he shot himself in the foot with that. Edit: to those sayings that we want kids killed.. no it’s far from that. I totally agree we have a really bad gun problem. It’s stupid easy to grab a gun. Both pro gun nuts and anti guns nuts need to realize that’s a solution both parties are going to find a middle ground for.


Interesting move. Gubernatorial election in 2022?