Prince Andrew must testify says Epstein accusers’ lawyer

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Good luck getting anybody with the title “Prince” to show up in a foreign court e: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and those guards are just the scapegoats.


> **The lawyer for the women has told BBC Panorama he plans to serve subpoenas to force the Duke of York to testify as a witness in all five cases.** > > […]The lawyer for victims of Epstein, David Boies said: “One of the things that we have tried is to interview Prince Andrew and to try to get what his explanation is. He was a frequent visitor. They ought to submit to an interview. They ought to talk about it.” > > **The subpoenas – court summonses to give testimony – have been prepared for all five cases and would have to be signed off by a judge once the prince was on US soil.** > > He would then be able to challenge the subpoena in court if he did not want to give evidence. So, does Randy Andy have to be on US soil for this to be applicable? EDIT: also, **Epstein didn’t kill himself**


She said that a month ago


I’m sorry, I’ve got no love for this nonce but we can’t even get the wife of a minor US diplomat who murdered a kid because of her reckless driving back to the U.K. As if a prince is going to be strong armed into a US court room.


Epstein didn’t kill himself