Prince Andrew will be forced to speak to FBI if he ever steps foot in the US

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Just trade the prick for the cunt who ran over the 17 year old and fled england. Everones happy except the two perpetrators and their families.


US and Uk should just do a swap. Diplomat’s wife for Queen’s son. A coward for a coward.


I think it’s safe to say he’s never going to the USA again. Not without a diplomatic passport anyway. He won’t be getting one of those since he’s no longer on official duties… I doubt he will ever leave the UK to be honest.


Brave Sir Andy ran away, he ran away.


FBI keeping up appearances of investigation because he is a British citizen. What about all the American “elites” on that list? Forgot about them? Oh, I guess Andrew just became a bone to throw to the media and satisfy the masses to gnaw on it while they forget about the rest.