12 week transformation questions

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Well I can’t open the link, but I can tell you that any recommended program from the wiki is a good one. If you have done strength training before you will regain strength and muscle quickly. Diet depends what you want. If you want to gain muscle and get bigger you should bulk, if you want to get leaner you should cut. Don’t expect anything crazy after 12 weeks of working out, there are plenty of transformation posts on this subreddit you could have a look at.


This should be a fine workout plan, just make sure you stick with it. People here can tote the Reddit ones are the ones you should stick to, but you can use any program as long as you stay consistent. It’s better to just keep going and keeping pushing yourself in that workout because then you’ll start to see gains and progress. As for supplements, you don’t need them, maybe protein powder if you can’t meet your protein needs, but stick to whole foods, a lot of vegetables (all kinds), some meat sources (or if you don’t eat meat, plenty of beans and other vegetables high in protein)


The best program is a program you can stick to and adjust down the road. 12 weeks isn’t what you want. I know it and you know it. You want to look and feel good for years to come. Don’t dive into something that you will only give up on again. Thats my advice.


I think the workout plan is fine — a little complicated in my opinion, but to each their own.


The most important part of any transformation is nutrition. Supplements are meant to supplement a good diet, but are completely unnecessary. Focus on getting that in check with a calorie counter app like myfitnesspal. That being said, I eat quest protein bars out of convenience, and take a C4 Ripped as a pre-workout when I’m struggling to maintain focus and get my but out of bed. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned. 1. Healthy fats are essential for the body, but they also slow your metabolism down so don’t eat them after your workout. Your workout will speed up your metabolism and you want to keep that revving for as long as possible. 2. Don’t avoid carbs. They are not evil 3. Eat more lean protein than you think you need. One gram of protein is 4kcal, one gram of carbs is 4ckal, and one gram of fat is 9kcal. So if you’re feeling hungry, you get way more bang for your buck with a chicken breast or steak than something sweet/fatty.