6 Marines Plead Guilty to Human, Drug Trafficking at Border, 17 More Under Investigation: 1st Marine Divison

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So how does it work when an active duty military person breaks a federal criminal law? Is the court-martial in addition to being charged in federal court or does the court-martial replace the federal criminal proceedings?


Thats ok, trump will pardon them.


Former Army Military Police here. The amount of times I berated (and ticketed) parents of young kids for letting their little kids (like 3-5) wander around post with no supervision was mind boggling. It was against post policy that kids under 12 not be allowed out and about unsupervised (whether you agree with it or not), and the surprise on a parents face when I walked their little 4 year old back home from fuck knows where, then when they say “but it’s safe on post!” and I explain how every crime you can imagine that happens off post, also happens on post, and that 3-4 service members are currently under investigation for child molestation and/or abuse…..People fuckin’ suck man.


I wonder how many crayons they were getting per run? $8000 can go far in the arts and crafts aisle.


This isn’t surprising, the cartels pay a lot more than the military. On top of that service members can double dip making money/benefits from Uncle Sam and money from the cartels. Now another view is that a lot of gang members join the military if you’ve ever taken a look at the History Channels Gangland they have a whole episode on gangs in the military