Atheism is more than just the knowledge that gods do not exist, and that religion is either a mistake or a fraud. Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively, fearlessly, always trying to understand all things as a part of nature.” ― Emmett F. Fields

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I think that quote is describing skepticism more than atheism. Atheism isn’t knowledge of anything, it’s not an attitude nor a frame of mind, and there are atheists who have no understanding of anything and don’t want any.


It really isn’t, In most European countries the rise of atheism is complete indifference to religion, with the default going from ‘not particularly religious’ to ‘not religious’.


Ludicrous. Atheists can think religion is fine. Atheists can look at the world subjectively, with fear and not trying to understand anything. As long as they lack belief in gods, they’re atheists. That’s it.


One of the few posts I disagree with on this sub Atheism is just the disbelief in a god(s) plain and simple


No. A = not. Theist = believer. That’s it. Atheism doesn’t mean or imply anything else.