Democrats quietly debate expanding impeachment articles beyond Ukraine

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You mean like everything he’s done that has been illegal, unconstitutional, and impeachable?


Fuck it. If senate is going to acquit him anyway make them have to wade through every crime he’s committed.


When you send the obvious case to the Senate, Moscow Mitch will start his circus saying “This is a nothingburger. No Republican will vote to convict.” And Fox News will blare the story about a partisan witch hunt. So Pelosi needs to have the income tax issues served up in ways and means, the “All Roads Lead to Putin” stuff on TV in Intelligence, and something about connections to Fox News that shows a quid pro quo on estate taxes so Lachlan could take over for Rupert Murdoch. This is a fight in which the Republicans do not intend to be honest. They may or may not vote to convict, but their reputation needs to be so thoroughly destroyed that the base starts to feel really creepy about itself.


Don’t rush things. McConnell will fuck with us in ways we can barely imagine. Keep the ball in our court while Trump is making himself unelectable.


They should put obstruction of congress. It was part of Nixon’s.