ELI5: Tramping on your heels to alleviate pain from a blow to the nads.

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To what does “tramping on your heels” refer?


Not a scientist but likely it has to do with moving your body to alleviate both the adrenaline from the pain, and to spread the pain ~~hormone~~ more evenly throughout the area. Think of it as spreading butter over bread, except the butter is pain, the bread is your body, and the spreading is you shaking violently in agony. Edit: pain is electrical firing of the synapses, not hormones, my bad. You’re not spreading the electrical impulses out you’re diluting them with more signals. Sort of like how you can clench your thighs to alleviate a boner. You’re just distracting the nervous system.


Am I having a stroke?


Well it only takes a minute or so for the pain to go away anyway, so the tramping is just a distraction.


When you get hit in the “sensitive area” your testicles contract and are pulled from the scrotum to the inside of your body. This is actually the main source of pain, as there isn’t a lot of space for your testicles outside of your scrotum. This is a natural flight response to protect your testicles. When you jump or trump on your heels, you are simply forcing your testicles to drop back down, which alleviates the pain.