Elizabeth Warren Was Asked About Her Plan to Protect “the Rights of Atheists”

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When you have democracy with the majority of the voters to be religious, can you even expect a better answer than this from a candidate? If the majority say 80% of Americans are Christian fundamentalist , you can expect slavery to be legal again. Christian say they’re worried about Muslim immigrations implementing sharia law, at the same time, non-believers are actually worried about Christian implementing biblical law.


I didn’t expect much. It’s political suicide to even hint you might curb the privileges of believers let alone offer additional support and protections for non-believers. You have to change the minds of the people before you see change in the leaders.


I feel that many politicians dont believe in religion but they have to pretend and attend, if not that is political suicide. At least in the U.S thats the case.


All she had to say was “Separation of Church and State”. Every secularist would have been happy and every non-insane religious person would…have been…happy….nevermind. Just typing that out… “Non-insane religious person.” Yeah…that exists. uh huh…


Surprise! Politician gives broad least offensive answer possible to a sensitive question.