FDA bowed to industry for decades as alarms were sounded over talc

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I think it is safe to say any gov oversight has a price that it can be bought. We need to take money out of government.


Think of the recently released Dark Waters film. The scene where DuPont gets an (obviously paid for) local government talking head to go to court in West Virginia and testify about the “new” safety standards for their toxic shitpile of PFOA they dump in the water. Government needs to be representative, accountable, and have CLEAR lines of oversight from uninterested parties. The way we run regulation in the U.S. today goes beyond “Capture”, it is arguably “Criminal”. All that being said, I’m about as far from “Anti-Government” as you can get. I’m just tired of systems that are too easily controlled by class oligarchs. Whether legal, legislative, or administrative, a corporatist system that willingly kills its own citizens without its leaders suffering damages is not a system anyone should have to live within.


The FDA doesn’t care about anyones health. Their favor can be purchased.


When I was 17, I had 4x separate pneumothorax (collapsed lung) over a 6 month period. After the 4th collapse, they did a pleurodesis procedure (talc injection into chest cavity). That procedure nearly killed me, and the talc is permanently inside my chest. Having learned a short while ago it is an asbestos ridden carcinogen gives me great anxiety.


Talc is also an ingredient in automotive body fillers. These are typically sanded after application.