First Ukrainian official publicly acknowledges senior officials knew about aid freeze during Trump pressure campaign

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” Ukraine’s former Deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal — who said she resigned last week to protest Kyiv’s diplomacy with both Washington and Moscow — became the first Ukrainian official to publicly acknowledge Ukrainian higher-ups were aware that the U.S. froze Ukrainian military during the Trump administration’s campaign to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating President Trump’s domestic political rivals ” The flood gates are opening.


>But Zerkal now says she knew about the freeze by July 30, just a few days after the infamous phone call between Trump and Zelensky which spurred the impeachment inquiry. That backs up earlier congressional testimony from U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia who said diplomats knew about the freeze by the time of the phone call. >While it’s unclear which senior Ukrainian officials knew about the freeze (Zelensky said he didn’t learn about it until before a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on Sept. 1), **Zerkal said she was instructed to “keep silent” about impeachment in general, likely out of fear of angering the Trump administration since the country is still relying on the U.S. for aid.** Another Republican talking point destroyed.


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And Trump cronies are now scrambling to find or fabricate dirt to discredit her, no matter how nebulous or insane it is. “She was born in the Ukraine so she’s working for Hunter Biden!”