Former FBI official says William Barr could not be “more destructive” if appointed by Vladimir Putin

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Old Vlad just used his favorite proxy… the fucking president and the entirety of the GOP.


Pretty sure Vlad had his finger in most of the appointments that Trump made. maybe more than just his finger


Barr is like most others in Trumps Administration. He is deliberately destroying it. Like DeVos, like Perry, and other government institutions like the EPA, FDA, Dept of Interior, State Dept. etc., etc. But Barr, unlike other Trump appointments, had to have credentials to do his job. He should be disbarred and removed for malpractice or whatever the legal community can do to unseat him at the DOJ. It seems to me there might be an avenue of recourse in this particular case. Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming and dreaming big again.


Ugh, this is terrible and true. The lengths that Republicans will go to deny the facts that are right in front of their face is astounding.


Bill Barr is a traitor