‘Google is no longer listening’: four fired workers file charges against tech giant

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Pretty sure Google is still listening to everything.


Because normally companies let you openly violate data and security policies. Google bad /s


Most companies will fire you for violating data/security policies. Not sure why people are acting shocked about this.


I really miss the days when I was in love with Google….If they roll out AGI like they rolled out Stadia we are fucked.


” Google had wiped her personal phone when it suspended her, erasing many months of photographs documenting her gender transition. ” I’m honestly trying to figure out how this happened. How did Google wipe her personal phone? The only thing I can think of is that it was a corporate phone, or a personal phone with a corporate account, and she took all the photos logged into her corporate account. And never made any backups. Which was kind of dumb. Why the fuck would you store photos of your medical procedures on your corporate account?