Huawei faces online storm in China over employee treatment. 13-year employee was detained by police on an extortion charge for 251 days after asking the company for a severance payment when he was laid off.

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Beatings will continue until morale improves. Your severance pay is the knowledge that you contributed to Huawei.


“Communist” China does late-stage capitalism better than America. Go figure.


What was that saying, everyone was saying it a couple of weeks ago… Ohh yeah.. Fuck China


I like this quote from the article > In a widely shared commentary, state-run online news outlet The Paper wrote: “If you step on someone’s toes on the street, you say sorry; Huawei’s action caused a citizen to lose his personal freedom for 251 days, how does it make sense that the company doesn’t feel like apologizing?” Because I have literally had my feet stepped on by a Chinese tourist who subsequently spat at my feet. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an apology.


>He was later acquitted by authorities and received 100,000 yuan ($14,206.77) in state compensation. Good for him.