Hugely Incriminating Phone Records Suggest Giuliani Is F—ed

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I hope it’s not lost on anyone that all the people who led the “Lock her Up” chants at the 2016 RNC will have worn the bracelets by the 2020 convention. Scott Baio better watch his ass.


>In addition to the frequent calls with OMB, logs show a number of calls with an individual whose number only appears as “-1” in phone records, which at least one former Justice Department official believes is Trump’s cell phone. Obviously, it’s not at all surprising that Giuliani—who is already the subject of numerous investigations—was in close contact with Trump, but it’s **yet another data point that blows a hole in the president’s “Giuliani acted alone” defense, which no one believed the first time he trotted it out.** >Giuliani does not appear to have commented on the report, but if we give it time, **he’ll probably text something nonsensical and grammatically offensive to a bunch of reporters about how this is all just a distraction to run cover for Biden.** Trump, who is in the U.K., will presumably log on to Twitter around 5 a.m. local time for an incoherent rant about how Adam Schiff should be tried for treason, and an aside about how he’s never actually met Giuliani but hears he’s a nice guy. Nonsensical is Rudy’s thing.


Where’s the betting pool for when Trump says he never met Giuliani?


How many of the presidents lawyers are criminals?


If they incriminate giuliani, they also incriminate individual “-1”. trump * 4/23 giuliani has 8 minute call with “-1”, 4/24 giuliani has calls with OMB and WH. 4/24 Amb. Yovanovitch is told to take the next plane back from Ukraine, she’s removed from her post. * 5/9 NYT breaks story about giuliani going to Ukraine to dig up dirt on Bidens. 5/10 giuliani has 17 minute call with “-1”, then a call with Parnas, then he announces on Fox that he has cancelled his trip. * 8/8 individual “-1” makes approximately 5 calls to both of giuliani’s cell phones, until he connects with him on call 6, for 4 minutes. This is the day giuliani got back from meeting Yermak in Spain to discuss the status of an investigation into bidens and crowdstrike.