I find it hilarious that my love for nature is why I’m an atheist

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RIP snack time


Science was originally pursued by the church as a way to better understand God’s creation and to be closer to Him. Sad how people have since been so threatened by discovery instead of being amazed at the wonder of nature. Guess you can’t change your beliefs on the fly like that, huh?


Hell yes! I aint going down without a fight either ! I find it refreshing to know other people who care about the environment. Earth is where life as we know it was able to become life ! And people shit on it. Its the reason we live. It IS god in that way. We would have nothing no diversity of species or evolution without Earth and its tenacity and stability and resiliency !


My mom sent me a sermon from her church this Sunday and during it, the pastor said something like “you have to try really hard to look at nature and conclude there is no God”. This from a dude who went to Bible College and then Seminary and has studied the Bible as his job for his whole life. I’m not the one trying hard to believe what I believe buddy.


That should’ve fueled your need to detach from your parents. Romanticizing parental or familial bonds is also a type of religion.