I have to spend approximately $4000 to travel for job interviews. How do I make my money work for me.

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It’s pretty standard for decent companies to at least reimburse the costs of travel like flights and lodging. There’s the first “red flag,” or series of them depending on how many different companies you’re planning to interview with. Whatever isn’t covered by a potential employer should be documented (receipts), and you’ll be able to itemize those as deductions come tax time. Again, though, compensating job candidates’ travel expenses is a pretty easy threshold to pass for worthwhile employers.


Apply for a chase preferred card. Spend 4k get 60k reward points.


> and I don’t want to open an unnecessary credit card if it’ll negatively impact my credit. What’s the point of having good credit if you never use it? Credit card rewards are a perk for people with good credit who don’t spend irresponsibly. Getting a rewards card and earning those rewards won’t hurt your credit so long as you pay the bill in full each month.


They won’t Skype you? I don’t know anyone who requires out-of-area interviewees to interview in person anymore. At least the initial one on skype, then pay for the guy to come to you christ.


I’ve never heard of needing to pay for travel expenses to interview. What the hell are these companies you’re interviewing for?