If Republicans Acquit Trump, They’re Putting a ‘For Sale’ Sign in Every American Embassy Window

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Those should go nicely with the ones they’ve put around their necks.


The only thing easier to buy in America than a gun is a Republican.


Still waiting to hear whether Trump will accept Bill Maher’s check in exchange for his resignation.


So many reporters and TV hosts seem to be missing the bigger picture. This is a strategy for the Republican Party. It’s not about acquitting Trump. It’s about the survival of the Republican Party. Since HW Bush was elected in 1988, only one Republican won the popular vote for the presidency, and that candidate was running as an incumbent, which means if they hadn’t already been in office they’d have probably lost that race too: 1992: Democrat. 1996: Democrat. 2000: Democrat. 2004: Republican, but running as an incumbent. 2008: Democrat. 2012: Democrat. 2016: Democrat. The U.S. is becoming more diverse, but the Republican Party is becoming whiter. If the GOP isn’t going to become more diverse (they’re not), they’ll have fewer and fewer voters, which means they can’t rely on fair elections to stay in power. They need gerrymandering and census tampering to regain power in the U.S. House of Representatives, and they need foreign interference to win the presidency. They’re not fighting for Trump. Republicans in congress are fighting for the ability to commit fraud for political power. If the rule of law wins out and presidential candidates are unable to seek foreign interference in American elections, the party’s next step will probably be to either overthrow the government in order to install a new kind of leader who isn’t a monarch but also isn’t bound by laws, or they’ll try to divide the country into two, presumably reestablishing the Confederacy. I’m going to say this again because it’s important: If the GOP is going to be the white party, they’ll have fewer and fewer voters as the U.S. becomes more diverse, which means they can’t rely on fair elections to stay in power. Republicans are fighting for white power. Cheating or civil war are their only options. If we don’t take away their ability to cheat, the nation is lost. If we do take away their ability to cheat, civil war will be their next step. Trump has already said on many occasions that he intends to stay in office beyond two terms. He’s not kidding, and the Republican Party isn’t kidding either. They’re not fighting for Trump. They’re fighting for white supremacy.


How long before they privatise all of the embassies?