If you don’t already, shop the store brands for medications. Just saw a $230 difference for a year supply of daily allergy medication.

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My jaw hit the floor when I found out 365 pills of the costco Zyrtec generic cost less than $10, when at CVS 10 zyrtec was like $15.


Yes. I usually go with store brands. Except for Mac and Cheese. That is someting that must be Kraft.


COSTCO FTW if you live near one. You can buy a 15 pack of 24 hour allergy decongestant (comparative to Claritin D) for UNDER $5. Fellow allergy sufferers know how damn amazing that price is. Costco has a lot of really amazing prices on meds with their Kirkland brand.


I work in Pharmacy. The difference between generic and brand name OTCs is basically nothing, maybe the brand used a more expensive colour, or filler, but same drug, they have to be interchangeable to go on the market. A very short list of prescription drugs do differ for certain therapies, your doctor knows this and will tell your pharmacy to dispense the brand if appropriate (in Canada the government will pay the price difference). But for 99% of all meds, generic is the exact same, don’t pay for brand drugs unless specified by your doctor


Check Amazon/online too. Not sure about how it works in the US, but a lot of registered pharmacies (They have a code so you can check they’re legit) sell allergy meds a dime a dozen. Literally. I paid £5 for 360 tablets of cetirizine hydrochloride, absolute bargain.