Impeachment Investigators Got Rudy’s Phone Records–And They’re Quite Revealing

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>The House Intelligence Committee obtained phone records from AT&T showing extensive communications in early April involving Nunes, Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and The Hill columnist John Solomon, according to records released in the committee’s formal report on its investigation underlying impeachment charges against President Donald Trump. Kick Nunes out of the house and have him investigated.


> Nunes in particular has sought to undermine the investigation by alleging that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Intelligence Committee chairman, had coordinated or otherwise communicated with an intelligence community whistleblower who initially raised concerns about Trump’s apparent efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political foes. **But the phone records contained in the committee’s report show that Nunes himself had engaged in his own behind-the-scenes communications with the very people at issue in the whistleblower complaint.** Nunes never revealed those communications during the weeks of committee testimony. Remember, whenever the GOP makes wild accusations, it is *always* projection.


If Nunes weren’t so busy fantasizing about Daddy Trump painting his guts, he might have taken a moment to look over his shoulder and realize that he was leaving a paper trail a mile wide. This whole crew is just lightspeed stupid. $60,000 in taxpayer money, and Nunes couldn’t work a burner phone into that budget?


> Nunes, Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and The Hill columnist John Solomon No Hannity? At least we know where Solomon gets his crap from.


Trump said, way early on, he didn’t like phone calls or digital communications, preferring to hand-write messages and have them physically delivered by courier. Reminder that the only reason a person would want to operate that way is if they are afraid of what would happen if their communications left records behind.