Instead of discussing toxic masculinity, What does positive masculinity look like?

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Being a great and present dad Edit: Wow, thank you so much for the gold, silver awards and all the upvotes!


Uncle Iroh from Avatar.


Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Steve Irwin, Jim Henson. You can be strong, and still be kind. In fact, the greatest display of strength is to have power, *and not use it*. A real man is capable of being cruel, but chooses not to be. A real man can break you, but would rather build you up instead. Real power comes from what you can build, not from what you can tear down.


It looked like when I went to the gym after being sick all week. The most BUFFED superhuman I see there almost every time I go to work out, walks up to me and says: “Where were you bro, I hope you didn’t decide to change gym?”


tucking in your homies and giving them a soft kiss goodnight