LPT: if rideshare prices temporarily surge at an airport, taking public transit one stop away may save > 60% on price

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I also do this at huge events where it is hard to find your Uber or the traffic is terrible and you will be stuck in the car I traffic forever. I take a metro a stop in any direction and then try. Good tip.


In some cases, even walking a block or two away can get you out of a surge pricing zone. There’s a street full of bars and clubs that’s super popular with the college crowd, and since it’s just the one street, it gets really packed and congested, so surge pricing goes way up. If you walk a couple blocks out of the congestion, it drops significantly.


How about just taking public transport the entire way home and not spending 40?


To add to this, you can change your pickup point in the app before walking or transiting over there to make sure the price is lower first.