LPT: Teach yourself to not touch your face throughout the day – you’ll get sick less, as hand to face/mouth contact is one of the most common routes for microbial transmission.

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But…how will I satisfy my neurotic need to pick at anything abnormal?


Thanks, now I have a strong urge to touch my face.


I don’t know if this is true, but I have been strongly advised by an esthetician that my skin would clear up considerably if I could break the habit of unconsciously touching my face. I have put in a few weeks of effort, and have experienced improvements in my complexion.


Better LPT: Eat your boogers regularly to boost your immune system and then you can pick at your face all you want.


Additional LPT: Do not have kids. All the washing and not touching of bodily parts will not stop them from sneezing in your face whilst trying to give you a high five.