LPT: When buying a used car arrange a time to have it looked at by a reputable mechanic before you purchase. This small expense can save you thousands down the road.

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This is a good tip but I feel it is already common knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong


Also, budget some extra money ($1000 or so) to make any repairs that are necessary. Used vehicles are used and almost every one has something that needs fixed, and that’s okay. I always get the fluids replaced (oil, transmission, coolant, brake fluid, differentials/transfer case if applicable) on any used vehicle I buy. Tires and brakes are consumable. It’s nice if they are in good condition, but I wouldn’t avoid buying a car because of bald tires. But I would use it to negotiate a better price, and perhaps be wary of a lack of maintenance.


If you’re going to another town to buy it, ask your mechanic if he has a preferred shop there.


Agree to schedule an appointment that you go to together. If it passes, you pay and buy the car. If it fails, you don’t buy and they pay. ​ Obviously the last step of a car purchase


Never trust your local mechanic on used vehicle check unless you are 100 % sure about their integrity. Reason : All that is needed for Used car shop owners or dealers is to wink the mechanic while inspection which means that he will get commission when he passes the vehicle. At the end you come out as a loser instead of a smart buyer which you look to become.