LPT: When composing an email, wait until you are ready to send before entering who you want to send to. This prevents you from accidentally sending the email before you are ready to.

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This is good advice and applies every single week it’s posted here.


If you are replying to an email, the sender will be pre populated. If you are using a newer version of Outlook on a PC, put the word attached in the message body and don’t attach anything. Outlook will alert you to the missing attachment after you click Send, and you can edit the message as needed.


I also know that in outlook you can change the setting to where there is a 10 second timer where you can cancel sending the email. Saved me a few times when noticing last minute grammar issues despite having proofread the email.


This tip is a load of bollo


I’ve always been paranoid that I’m gonna type Fuck You instead of Thank You.