Megathread: Appeals court refuses to block House subpoena for Trump’s financial records

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I hope if I’m ever accused of a crime that I can afford to rope a dope the courts along for 4 solid years all the while committing more and more crimes of escalating seriousness. It is the way.


trump REALLY does not want people to see his financial records. Anyone have any ideas why? Ha ha, yeah, we know why.


And now we get to see how bad the partisanship on the SC really is. This should be a no brainer. Congress has oversight duties. If the SC has any other interpretation, they are corrupt beyond repair.


lol remember when Republicans were all wearing teabags and screeching about the tyranny of the unchecked executive and how Congress’s constitutional oversight powers were being usurped by a mad drunk king president


By the time this is over, it’ll be like 6 cases all at once that the Supreme Court gets decide whether or not Trump is a king or a man. I know what I believe, I just hope America is still enough intact.