NASA announces the Artemis program to put the first female astronaut on the Moon by 2024!

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Yeah…I’ll believe we’ll send another person to the moon when i see the rocket launch. Until then, it’s just an announcement that will go nowhere.


I hope the entire goal of Artemis isn’t just to put a woman on the moon. we put men there 50 years ago. NASA should be thinking bigger.


I wonder if it cheapens being a female astronaut to know youre being used as a PR prop and part of the reason youre selected is because of whats between your legs. Not that Id imagine any astronaut isnt a fairly exemplary person, but to get that far and at the end of the day you cant fully know whether you got there on merit or to sell posters.


Maybe I missed something, but didn’t they announce this at the start of the year? They seem to keep announcing this every now and then. Which on top of the other issues doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the program. They are making a bold claim that when SLS is done it’ll be the most powerful rocket in the world. When it’s done it might be the second most powerful rocket.


NASA’s tragic problem is their manned missions outlast sitting politicians. Until they can get from the drawing board to “Contact Light” in three years or less, it’s not gonna get funded . *“I’ll gladly support increased funding to a mission that will heap praise and glory on my replacement”* – said no sitting US politician EVER. Once the people signing the government budget can get credit for the mission,it’ll happen in a New York minute.