New wave of sexual-abuse lawsuits could cost Catholic Church more than $4 billion. While I do agree that victims deserve compensation, the fact remains that if you give to the Catholic Church, you’re helping pay for child rape.

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Not just child rape but covering it up by moving the offenders out of state. That should be prosecuted under RICO.


The Catholic Church, in my opinion, is nothing more than a Pedophilia cult robed in religious doctrine and should be sued into oblivion.


“you’re helping pay for child rape *among other atrocities*”. FIFY.


The victims will get compensation either way, where the money comes is a different matter. I would suggest the following plan: – Stop giving money to church – They run out of money and need to start selling properties in order to pay victims – Repeat until they change or dissapear


The church shouldn’t have/need that much money to begin with. What’s it being used for anyway before these charges? If it’s really coming from all these people, they are literally paying for the rape.