“Normal” redditors that dated a celebrity, what was it like?

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A fairly close acquaintance of mine at the time went on a few dates with Natalie Portman when they were both at Harvard around 2002. He said she was exceptionally down to earth, genuine, and very engaging. Edit: Okay honestly, what the actual fuck??? Reddit is the fucking twilight zone. I just thought it was a cool antecdote from my younger and more vulnerable years. Apart from a few Holiday Break college parties, I barely knew the guy. It was like a 20 min convo from 18 years ago. And he didn’t even bring it up, resisting the topic altogether. My childhood best friend egged him into sharing what little details I recall. I really don’t know anything about Natalie Portman, but here’s what I do know. She is so fucking cool, that a guy she dumped after just a few dates, was so fucking cool that he hesitated to even publicly acknowledge ever dating her. And after all, he lost the girl, so I completely understand his trepidation. A guy that humble, reserved, and mature at such a young age is fucking cool. But obviously just cool enough for 3 dates with Natalie Portman. Honestly, that 20 minute story told me everything about how fucking cool Natalie Portman is.


Rosario Dawson liked two of my tweets once, so you could say it was getting pretty serious.


My mom had a dinner date with George Clooney in the 90’s. She didn’t really say much apart from the fact that he’s an interesting and charismatic guy but she honestly didn’t think he was going to blow up.


Not a date, per se, but I had a nice quiet dinner with Samantha Fox in her hotel room in Toronto in the 80’s. She was in town for a show and I was attached to her security detail. She asked me to eat with her because she didn’t want to go out but hated eating alone. Sweet girl, kinda sad too. Lonely. Edit: Well that blew up. I don’t remember a lot of details, what we ate etc. but I do remember we talked about her growing up in the UK and being still amazed at her success. I do remember she said she looked forward to seeing the world on tour, but apparently the world all looked like the same hotel room. She never got to just explore and play tourist.


This thread has taught me that as an aunt I really need to up my dating game so my niblings will have better stories.