Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘The Uncontested Facts Show This President Solicited A Bribe’

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Well the jokes on you, We don’t like fucking facts! ~Republicans~


>But did you see him actually exchanging a cartoon-style bag of coins with your own eyes, and did you video the exchange? -Trey Gowdy


The whole time, Schiff knew that Nunes was part of this. Nunes, if he recused, would be admitting guilt. If people think that Dems didn’t approach this almost perfectly from a prosecution standpoint they are just being obtuse


Schiff for AG. He’s awesome.


>He (Schiff) added that if Republicans fail to act, “they must be willing to accept that fact that when there’s a Democratic president that they believe is engaged in any presidential misconduct, they will be powerless to find out,” because that future president can point to the Trump administration as precedent. Well, there it fcking is, isn’t. Any Republican that votes one way or the other is picking a side for life. I’d recommend that everyone THINK about what they’re going to do next. Choose… wisely.