Ring reportedly outed camera owners to police with a heat map – It has since removed the tool

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Only capitalism can trick the masses into paying for a surveillance state.


WTF is with Ring going out of their way to make a police state?


And couldn’t police officers then request said video from any owner under false pretenses? I understand that police are allowed to lie/use subterfuge to gain cooperation and evidence. Say your relative/neighbor may have been seen on your ring camera committing a crime. And the cops want it. They could just say they wanted it for another reason, never telling you why they REALLY wanted it. “There was a kidnapping two blocks away and we’d like to see if your camera caught the suspect’s car as it drove though” (a lie) Edit: and it doesnt even have to be a crime caught on camera. It could be evidence that someone (who committed a crime nearby… out of camera range) was in the area when the crime was committed. A way to catch a person in a lie if they told the cops they were not there.


This is why I don’t buy spybots like Alexa and Ring.


You install the thing for security… just not *your* security.