Scientists discover molecule that destroys pancreatic cancer cells. Israeli breakthrough study shows 90% reduction of pancreatic cancer cells in mice after treatment with a molecule named PJ34

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Thank God we can cure the mice. There are many trials that show promise in rodents but did not translate to the care of humans. Bench research is important but I feel that media over emphasizes the findings of preliminary studies and raises the hopes of people who are facing a horrible disease and prognosis without necessarily presenting a path to treatment.


I like this title way better than the first one I saw posted on reddit. It was something like “Scientists in Israel cure deadly pancreatic cancer in two weeks!”


I think these were the same group that said a few months ago that they cured all cancers


Grandpa died from it yesterday, couldn’t be more happy if this evolves further


Xenograft study… These don’t translate very well to human studies.