‘So If You’re Poor, You’re Dead’? Watch These Brits Gasp When They Find Out Cost of Healthcare in the United States

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The most common misunderstanding I see from foreigners is that they think Americans pay for health insurance and then when they go to get medical care the health insurance company pays for it.


As soon as I get my surgery paid off, it’s back to the student loans and credit cards.


No, no, no. People in countries with universal healthcare hate it. The insurance companies advertising agencies told me, so it must be true. That’s why so many have repealed it. All the countries that have repealed universal healthcare 1. 2. 3. 4. … Infinity, still none.


Ain’t this the sad truth. >”The problem is American conservatives can’t be shamed,” said Green. “They think it’s great that healthcare costs a fortune and poor people die.”


Yes. We were almost homeless because my Dad, a disabled veteran, got some random mystery illness that even the Mayo Clinic couldn’t figure out. Eventually the military fessed up and said it was probably caused by their use of Agent Orange. We were still almost fucking homeless. He was drafted. “We make you do this thing. Then we make you really sick for doing it. Sorry you can’t afford to pay for that shit.”