Somewhere in the world, there’s somebody that is the most compatible, regardless of margin, with you romantically, physically, etc. Chances are, you’ll never know they even existed.

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Thanks I really needed my dose of sadness today…


This is how I feel about my career. Somewhere out there is a job that not only would I excel at, but I would love doing. Unfortunately it’s probably in some small village in the Alps or something.


Being from a similar background is definitely a plus in terms of compatibility. Even if you love someone, it’s a bit of a chore to forever be explaining experiences that they cannot relate to. This is obviously not the only, or even the most important criteria. But the odds that the right person for you is already close by are better than one might think.


So what youre saying is there’s a 100% chance that everyone has a soulmate, it just is the person who you’re most compatible with


Don’t say that. Don’t give me hope.