The 1st and 2nd members of Congress to endorse Trump will plead guilty to federal crimes, resign

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>Margaret Hunter changed her plea in June and agreed to testify against her husband. Faced with Duncan Hunter’s continued denial of guilt, prosecutors disclosed more details in court filings this year, including evidence that Hunter used campaign funds to conduct extramarital affairs with at least five women, reportedly including three lobbyists and two congressional staffers. Lovely.


Keep it up! There are many more turds floating around in the bowl. Nunes and Gym Jordan next please.


“Coincidentally, Collins was the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016 and Hunter was the second.” “Coincidentally”? I don’t think there’s anything coincidental about it.


The swamp is being drained thanks to Trump crimes. Thanks Trump.


Take a look at this shocking difference. Duncan has no intentions of retiring until it was forced by a plea deal. There was no visible objection from within his party. You have a Democrat who admits an affair with a staffer and immediately resigns. Duncan was apparently using campaign funds to pursue 5 extramarital affairs and tried to blame his wife for it. He only resigned when he was legally obligated.