The thing that frustrates me most about religion is its dismissal of mental health issues

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I consider it a mental health issue.


In general, it’s hard for religion to view mental health as a medical issue unless they want to give up on the idea of “sin” The idea that your thoughts can be influenced by anything other than your own will chips away at the cornerstone of that faith. When a chemical imbalance can cause things that would otherwise be viewed as personal failings, it reduces the role of the “soul” or “redemption” or even “divine influence” – so, that’s why it is so hard for religious people to accept mental illness. To do so requires them to recognize that we aren’t perfect souls trapped in bodies, but our mind and bodies are interwoven and subject to natural forces rather than supernatural.


Religion is about making money not spending it.


Fixed his text for him. — > I’m sure that this doesn’t apply to all religious people but with the religious people that I have encountered, especially my parents, I’ve come to realize that lots of people are dismissive of the mentally ill. My father is a very strict Christian who takes the Bible literally and sometimes if he’s reading text messages between me and my friends who have been discussing our mental health he’ll get upset at me saying that if my relationship with Jesus was stronger I wouldn’t be experiencing these feelings. > Anytime I try to do bring up my depression or suspicions of DID and how I want to talk to a psychiatrist, he tells me that I just need to have a stronger relationship with God and that all those thoughts are just demons trying to trick me. He told me he doesn’t believe in Psychology because when he was younger he went to a therapist I told him he had a grander sense of himself then he actually is, I forget the exact diagnosis, but he didn’t believe her so he didn’t go to any more of his sessions. > When my mother would cook clearly show signs of schizophrenia such as Visual and audio hallucinations, obsessive paranoia etc. He would just claim that a demon has attached itself to her soul and that no doctor could help her only through prayer can she be healed. It’s just upsetting to me that he believes that the only thing that works to treat a sort of mental illness is praying to a being that I don’t believe exists. > I cannot legally make appointments for these types of things on my own yet so I’m stuck in this cycle.


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