There is probably a song you would love when you listen to. but a very small artist made it and you would never hear about it.

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Sometimes I’ll find a song I really like from an artist I or no-one else I’ve spoken to has even heard of and I wonder just how many more instances like this I’m missing out on. I could be adding new music daily instead of just once every other week.


That’s how I felt when I stumbled on Ogre You Asshole. I don’t think that’s a small artist but it’s a Japanese artist and I dont even understand the words or the titles of the songs. Yet I love the music, and I cant really explain it to other ppl due to the language barrier.


that’s why there’s marketing


…. like…. a midget? are there lots of dwarf musical artists? are they disproportionately good at making songs? ​ are they hard to hear? is that to do with them being small? so many questions…


So everything by Trampled by Turtles