TIL According to secret service agents, Ronald Reagan carried a pistol in his briefcase when he was president, “just in case you guys can’t do the job, I can help out”. Reagan acquired a pocket sized pistol after college in the 1930s “and kept it lovingly the rest of his life”.

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Keeping a gun “lovingly” is the most American sentiment.


That’s kinda funny until you remember that Reagan went through the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s before the end of his presidency.


Well there was that one time they didn’t do the job and he was shot. That was back in the time where anyone could just stand outside and have wave to the president as he walked to his car. Edit p.s. I have a lot of respect for the men and women willing to literally jump in front of a bullet to save the president. But still shooting Reagan was just a little too easy for the nut case who did it.


He failed to use when someone shot him so whats the point


Dianne Feinstein, Americas most ardent gun control advocate used to carry a gun with a concealed carry permit. But since she has armed security, she decided that nobody should have guns, I mean, except her armed security.